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I Thought They Were Models?

Jeremy Carroll

Formerly known as "These Guys Are Models?" and before that known as "These Guys Are Definitely Models!" (consisting of a completely different line-up of members who were actually good looking), the current incarnation known as "I Thought They Were Models?" blends rock music with foolish humor, and a pinch of pop culture sprinkled on top. At any point point during the show you may hear anything from the ITTWM self-titled anthem, to a Muppet's rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," and if you're lucky enough you may even see a man who has no business tap-dancing...tap-dancing. The band's mission is to create a fun environment for everyone at the show, and hopefully you'll have a good time, too. If you happen to make it to the show, don't be afraid to challenge any member of the band to a dance-off, push up contest, arm-wrestling contest, or rocks-papers-scissors at any point during the performance, because, you will win.