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Meaghan Q. Sinclair

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Meaghan Sinclair

GGMPS, LLC located in Cambridge Massachusetts was found in February 2011 by Meaghan Q. Sinclair. GGMPS helps bands and artists with the following:

• Developing a strong, cohesive, image.
• Implementing marketing strategies to increase fan base
• Helping the artist organize and articulate goals
• Long and short term planning
• Conflict resolution
• Booking shows and create tour schedule
• Managing and create web presence via social media sites
• Basic Website layout design
• Liaison between band and other entities
• Coordinating all interviews and media requests
• Establishing presence on iTunes, Amazon and other retailers

Meaghan Q. Sinclair received a BA from Emerson College in New Media Studies and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University.

She attended her first all-ages show at Axis on Landsdown street in Boston on a cold Sunday afternoon when she was 12-years-old, she's been hooked on rock since.

What does GGMPS stand for? Why?

GGMPS is short hand for "Gotta Get My Peacocks Somehow". This phrase was born in July 2010 during a discussion about seizing the day and making great things happen.

I'd like to help you all get your peacocks!


Meaghan is also writing a Rock N' Roll coming of age Young Adult novel, so stay tuned!