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Shariann Lewitt, Fused Glass, Fiction

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Shariann Lewitt

Shariann Lewitt is a fiction writer and a fused glass artist. She studied glass under Nancy Weisser in Maryland in 1998-99 and currently works in Somerville Massachusetts. Believing William Morris' statement, "Own nothing you do not believe to be beautiful and know to be useful," she prefers to make functional tableware. Everything is food and dishwasher safe.

She has had seventeen novels (and counting) published by major New York houses under a total of five (and counting) names. Most of these are speculative fiction with a few meanderings into YA and preternatural romance. Many of her hard science fiction titles are now available from Fantastic Books at for both Kindle and Nook, and in print on demand.

(The website is still under construction as of 2/12, but should be functional by March 2012. I hope!)