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Word Play by Good Hearted Entertainment

Word Play by Good Hearted Entertainment

Monday, June 5 6:00 PM

149 Broadway, Somerville

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New location!!! at Connexion, 149 Broadway
How do spell fun?   P-U-P-P-E-T  S-H-O-W!! Learning to read has never been more enjoyable.

 “WORD PLAY” uses clowning and puppetry to take audiences on an adventure through the alphabet. Words come to life in the hands of two skilled performers, who clown around with the sounds and colorful puppet letters to create dozens of dynamic, interactive characters and imaginative scenes. Audiences can make friends with vowels, teach tricks to a “C-A-T” and “D-O-G”, and visit a whole ZOO full of surprises. It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment – it’s a play on words, literally!

The show combines her experiences as a touring puppeteer, educator, clown, magician, and children’s entertainer to bring words to life in new and exciting ways. Paired with the performance talents of fellow educator, Harry LaCoste, and musical composition of Paul Watkins, Good Hearted Entertainment works to inspire and ignite a love of creative learning. Recommended for ages 3 and up.