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Tuesday, June 14 6:00 PM

3-17 Cross St E, Somerville

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Come one, come all to a carnval of delights, filled with merriment and revelry

Jana Zeller & Shoshana Bass of Sandglass Theater presents

Step right up to the greatest show on Earth, featuring two performances for the price of one. Fritzi’s Flea Circus welcomes audiences into a delightful world of circus acts presented by a tiny flea with a big personality. Experience the amazing feats of Fritzi as the strong man, the high diver and even watch as him as he is shot out of a cannon into the audience. Next, Kasper packs to go on a journey, but before he can leave, a cow steals his suitcase. With the help of his best friend, the endearing giant Augustin, Kasper has to go on a rollicking chase to reclaim his suitcase from the cow. Join Jana Zeller & Shoshana Bass of Sandglass in this lively production, filled with action-packed, laugh-out-loud fun. Recommended for ages 4 and up

(Raindate Wednesday, June 15 at 6pm)
Chuckie Harris Park, 3-17 Cross St E