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Live Story Hive

Live Story Hive

Thursday, June 11 6:00 PM

3-17 Cross St E, Somerville

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Earthworm Pie Puppet Theater presents:

Earthworm Pie will present 3 folk tales with environmental themes from around the world. These may include: An Abenaki Story from Maine “Gluscap and the Game Bag,” which shares a sympathetic but cautionary tale aboutusing up too many of the Earth’s resources so that future generations will have none, “Gekko, gekko, gekko,” is an ecological Indonesian story about how everything is connected, and “Platypus, Pick a side!” is an Australian story about how all living things need each other and none is better than another. (Other stories with similar themes may be exchanged instead of one of these depending on the size and type of audience.) This kind of puppetry asks audience members to done simple masks, hats and props to become the puppets and perform the action
and music of the story while the narrator narrates

Raindate:  Thursday 6/11