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Somerville High School Jazz Band

Somerville High School Jazz Band

Saturday, June 17 12:00 PM

9 Liberty Ave., Somerville

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The SHS Jazz Band is an eclectic group of high school students and teachers who perform American Jazz from Big Band to Contemporary. Directed by Charles McLaren, this distinguished group often has special guests from the community sit in as featured soloists. You can find the SHS Jazz Band at local art openings, area schools, and other community events. 

This year, the SHS Jazz Band has been growing more than ever and has performed for the first time at the Burren Pub in Somerville on Saturday afternoons.

The ensemble's eclectic music reflects the members of the group and includes selections ranging from funk, jazz, reggae, and folk music from around the world. 
Current members include:

Saradiya Modan - vocals

Dan Strauss - guitar

Sawyer Lawson - guitar

Asa Fulton - piano

Will Mabuza - bass

Dennis Morales - drums