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Air Congo

Air Congo

Saturday, June 17 2:00 PM

9 Liberty Ave., Somerville

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Boston-based African style band Air Congo play music from the 1960’s-70’s Kinshasa/Brazzaville scene–the music of Docteur Nico, Tabu Ley, Les Bantous De La Capitale, Franco et l’Orch TPOK Jazz, and more!  Drawing inspiration from the instrumental sessions that Tabu Ley’s band Afrisa recorded to be played on the jets of the Congolese airline, our instrumental readings of this amazing music are upbeat dance ravers of another age. The group is led by guitarist Nathaniel Braddock, also the leader of the much celebrated Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int'l.  He is joined in this group by a cast of Boston's hottest jazz and world music players.

Current members include:

Nathaniel Braddock: electric guitar
Richard Garcia: alto saxophone
Isaac Levien: upright bass
Fran Vielma: percussion
Ben Paulding: percussion