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Somerville High School Street Holler Serenade

Somerville High School Street Holler Serenade

Saturday, June 18 12:00 PM

4 Liberty Ave. , Somerville

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The Street Holler Serenade is an after school club at SHS which has been inspired by Honk fest, taking back public space, and street performing in general. One thing that makes our group different is that we aim to include electric guitars and basses by using portable battery powered amplifiers.  
We have performed at SHS events, the Somerville City Club, the Mayor's Spring Clean-up at The Blessing of the Bay Boathouse and the Garden Center on Vinal Ave (both hosted by Groundwork Somerville) and soon at Porchfest and Joes Jazz and Blues fest. 
Our eclectic music reflects the members of our group and includes selections ranging from rock and roll, funk, jazz, reggae, and folk music from around the world. 
Our current members include 
Shantwan Wilder
Nahush Karki
Aaron Form
Cameron Mulcahey
Anthony Miele
Daniel Strauss
Innocent Wozufia