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The Busted Jug Band

The Busted Jug Band

Saturday, June 20 12:45 PM

4 Liberty Ave. , Somerville

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Busted Jug Band

The all-acoustic Busted Jug Band harkens back to the street bands of the early 20th Century in Memphis and other Southern cities. Otherwise known as “Juke Bands,” “Spasm Bands” and “Skiffle Bands,” these hilarious musical organizations featured homemade instruments such kazoo, washboard, jug and washtub bass, as well as guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, etc. The BJB plays Memphis Jug Band songs, plus Blues, Harlem Jive, Hillbilly, New Orleans Jazz, Vaudeville, Irish tunes and other oddities.  Kazoo, homemade bass, banjo-uke, tenor guitar, washboard, harmonica and rhythm bones are featured and fun reigns supreme.
Kevin Byrne – vocals, guitar, tenor guitar, squeeze box
Mark Earley – vocals, harmonica, guitar, mandolin, kazoo
Jeremy Lyons – vocals, banjo-ukulele, kazoo, guitar
Robbie Phillips – one-string upright “wombat” bass
Rob Rudin – washboard, rhythm bones, vocals, jug