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Artistic Musings featured works by Bridget Seley Galway

Artistic Musings featured works by Bridget Seley Galway

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Bridget Seley Galway artist/poet- Born in Marathon Florida in 1954, Galway's roots come from the 50’s and 60’s bohemian life style of Key West, New York’s Greenwich Village.  She was awarded a full merit scholarship from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She moved from Provincetown with her two-year-old son Blake, to pursue her formal training in the arts.  While there she received a Fine Arts Achievement Award, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1989, with a BFA in Painting and Art Education, combined with a focused Minor in Art History.  

Galway’s art has been exhibited throughout New England in numerous solo and group juried exhibits. Her art has received recognition and reviews in Artist Magazine, Cape Cod Review, Cape Arts Magazine, Emerson’s Redevider, Popt Art Journal, and selected for covers of Ibbetson Press, Bagels with the Bards anthologies, and individual poet collections. Her poems have been published in Provincetown Magazines Poetry corner, Bagel with the Bards, Ibbetson press, Somerville Times Lyrical, Ibbetson Blog Sunday Poet, and Wilderness House Literary Review, Poetry Porch online magazines.
Her chapbook of poems and Images “What Moments Yield “was published by Ibbetson Press. It is included in the following permanent collections: N.YC. Poets House, State University of Buffalo, UMass Amherst W.EB Du Bois Library, and the Truro Library Cape Cod. Her poems have been published several issues of Ibbetson Press, Bagels With The Bards anthologies, Provincetown Magazines Poetry Corner, and Wilderness House Literary Review, Poetry Porch online journals, to name a few.
Recently, Bridget was interviewed by local poet and art columnist Doug Holder. To read the full interview, visit:

Artist Statement:
My childhood was surrounded by the bohemian culture of artists, poets/writers musicians, dancers, and actors. This continued throughout my life from the early 50’s and 60’s in Greenwich Village to Provincetown Cape Cod, and now Somerville “The Paris of New England.’
This small exhibition of portraits is manifested through a personal and passionate perspective of memories, and impressions of what was and might have been. At times my art has a conceptual feel, captured through a sense of whimsy and or melancholy, other times it is descriptive and narrative. The smaller conceptual mix media pieces are notations for much larger pieces. My preference is to work on much large canvases. My larger pieces tend to be conceptual.

Artist Contact info:
[email protected]
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About the Inside-Out Gallery

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