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Dark Tales, Familiars & Object of Divination Exhibit

Dark Tales, Familiars & Object of Divination Exhibit

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Dark Tales, Familiars & Object of Divination Exhibit

Guest curator, Boriana Kantcheva

To ring in the arrival of autumn and its many mysteries, the Somerville Arts Council’s Inside Out Gallery at Davis Square 
presents a group exhibit that brings together works to celebrate the darkness and magic of the season’s perennial “thinning of 
the veil”. Inspired by fairy tales, ghost stories and the lore of Halloween, each piece has its own unique story and sordid past. 
Featuring a macabre collective of skulls, spirits, relics, masks and familiars, this exhibit is not for the faint of heart—so 
proceed with caution.

Participating Artists

Heather Balchunas
Eric Bornstein
Audrey Diallo
Jonathan Donahue
Jen Fries
Gretchen Graham
Boriana Kantcheva
Pauline Lim
Jamie Magid
Michele O’Brien
Iman Sakkaf
Hilary Scott
Kate Schreiber
Bekka Teerlink

About the Inside-Out Gallery
Initiated in 2009, The Inside-Out Gallery is located in the CVS Window in Davis Square, a unique space that allows the public to view an eclectic array of works from artists and local organizations each month. The mission of the Somerville Arts Council is to cultivate and celebrate the creative expressions of the Somerville community. Through innovative collaborations and quality programming we work to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city.