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Create/Space, SOS 2022 Members' Showcase

Create/Space, SOS 2022 Members' Showcase

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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A perennial favorite, Somerville Open Studios returns on April 30th & May 1st to bring art to the masses. As a part of this tradition, Somerville Open Studios, the Somerville Arts Council and the Inside-OUT Gallery present an eclectic array of works from seasoned members and newcomers for this annual show.

About the theme: CREATE/SPACE 
“During this pandemic my studio has served as a sanctuary to not only create artwork, but to escape the four walls of my home. Being able to have a space that was my own helped me get through all types of emotional upheaval and continues to be a blessing in my life.”
 - Alison Drasner, Vernon Street Studios Artist

Space. While many claim it is the final frontier, for artists it is where their creative journey begins. Over the past couple years, the relationship to our surroundings has shifted in various ways. Homes became work spaces. Art studios became a respite from current events. Our backyards replaced cafés for social gatherings. But what makes a creative space? Why is it important to how we create? What happens when it is no longer there? The great outdoors, sacred dwellings, our homes, our studios—they all can play a role in how artists 
create. Now more than ever, it seems that space is occupying important real estate in many people’s minds.

When asked, the exhibit participants gave a variety of answers to these questions. There are artists that found inspiration by gazing at the angular structures of urban landscapes. For others, their muse strikes most often in their art studio-- away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Then, there are artists who have been displaced and, then, reclaimed new spaces for their craft. Whether space is an abstract concept, a state of mind or an actual location, it is evident that it’s a key ingredient and essential to the creative process. To read the full artist exhibit statement about space go here

Participating Artists:
Adam Adkison Map# 40
Adam Leveille  Map# 76
Alison Drasner Map# 44
Aliza Arzt   Map# 23
Catherine WellerMap# 33
Christine Palamidessi  Map# 44
Consuelo J. Perez Map# 11
Emily Bhargava  Map# 40
Eric Bornstein  Map# 66
Heather Couture  Map# 1
Hilary Scott   Map# 46
Janeann Dill   Map# 33
Jenn Wood    Map# 44
Karl Stephan   Map# 2
MJ Rotchford   Map# 56
Nancy Hall Brooks  not open
Pam Greene   Map# 49
Pauline Lim    Map# 76
Richard Curran  Map# 44
Robert Boyler   Map# 4
Sarah Carlson   Map# 40
Stan Eichner    Map# 73
Yildiz Grodowski Map# 44

Find out more about the featured artists and this year’s Somerville Open Studio event on April 30th and May 1st (12-6pm) by visiting:

For more information on artist space and its local impact, go to the Somerville Arts Council Risk Assessment page:

About the Inside-Out Gallery
Initiated in 2009, The Inside-Out Gallery is located in the CVS Window in Davis Square, a unique space that allows the public to view an eclectic array of works from artists and local organizations each month. The mission of the Somerville Arts Council is to cultivate and celebrate the creative expressions of the Somerville community. Through innovative collaborations and quality programming we work to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city.