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Weber Dance

jimena bermejo--car ride

Weber Dance

Saturday, June 17 9:30 PM

Broadway & Fellsway W , Somerville

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Weber Dance; photo by Chris Engles

Weber Dance is a contemporary concert dance company that engages the public in the expressive power of movement. Over the past decade our work is deeply rooted in environmental issues impacting climate change. We strive to produce programs that enrich, inspire and educate audiences, helping them to develop a deeper of awareness of the language of human movement and the transformative power of live performance.
Our current work in progress investigates the sublimation of feminine power and wisdom in contemporary western culture.  For this work, I am interested in combining scientific discovery with mythical imagery. Research from the Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben reveals the way trees communicate and support one another in the vast intricate network of the woodland. This deep ecology is partnered with ancient feminine archetypes describing a woodland network where feminine wisdom emerges bringing the wisdom of communion and an invitation to return to balance.
Program notes for new work
Title: Her Sylvan Ascent (a work-in-Progress)

Choreography: Jody Weber with Dancers

Performers: Whitney Cover, Lizbie Harbison, Shannon Humphrey, Caitlin Klinger, Kristy Kuhn and Jennifer Roberts.

Music: In order of presentation.
                        Rip the Bandage: Andrew Kaiser
                        Oona's Boot: Andrew Kaiser:
                        Restoration: John Zorn:
                        Sharp_Digital#2: Kronos Quartet
                        String Quartet #5_1: Kronos Quartet
                        Ba 'adinot: John Zorn
                        Fin: Andrew Kaiser
                        Un Rose: John Zorn
                        Wa Habibi: Kronos Quartet
                        Tithonos: Julia Kent
                        The Last Bird: Zoe Keating