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Rainbow Tribe

Rainbow Tribe

Saturday, May 17 8:30 PM

3-17 Cross St E, Somerville

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Rainbow Tribe; photo by Michael Seamans

Since its inception as a volunteer run and operated entity in 1992, Rainbow Tribe, a Boston-based organization, has delivered fiercely intense, high-octane performances throughout the East Coast. Artistic Director Melanie Kasdon and the Executive Leadership are a collaborative powerhouse of dance talent producing entrancing choreography that not only entertains, but also motivates audiences of all ages and nationalities.
For this performance, excerpts from their most recent annual show, Perceptions will be presented.  The works in this production are connected by a common theme - in various ways, they are all about exploring what is seen and unseen.  What we see is not always what is meant to be seen.  The audience is encouraged to open your minds, step back and try to under what message we are trying to convey.

Rainbow Tribe, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization that utilizes the medium of dance to educate on the importance of embracing cultural differences. The organization produces work for three distinct sub-companies: Tribe, The Dance Company (co-ed), Bside (all-male) & Embrace (all-female)