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Alli Ross/ Excavate

Alli Ross/ Excavate

Sunday, May 18 1:00 PM

Powder House Square, Somerville

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Topotales begins at 1pm at the tower and ends by 3pm at the tower. Come find us along the way!

Performers and musicians include: Wendy Kinal, Caitlin Ewing, Peter Benjamin, Alli Ross and Lauren Simpson. Music consultant: Ryan Edwards. Costumes: Boston Conservatory.

This is Excavate’s 2nd installation of Topographical Tales. It was last seen as part of Dance in the Fells 2013 in Medford’s Middlesex Fells. As a collective of performing artists, Excavate is focused on making outdoor site specific events that unfold through dance, theater, music and song in relationship and in response to the land and its history. Led by Alli Ross, Excavate is committed to digging in and finding interesting and curious connection between the body landscape and urban and rural topography. We rehearse in the place we are to perform no matter the weather. It feels essential to do so to more deeply connect to and question the nature of place and our physical relationship to it.