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Jimena Bermejo

jimena bermejo--car ride

Jimena Bermejo

Saturday, June 3 9:30 PM

Broadway & Fellsway W , Somerville

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Car Ride  is a site-specific work for a car that can be performed in any driveway or parking garage.

This is an excerpt of a full evening movement and performance site-specific work for a car and four performers: the driver and three others. The piece will happen eight times during the day, each time starting in a parked car and traveling in the same car along a previously mapped out route. One audience member participates in the piece while inside the car; outside audience members will have a few participation options. The performance includes choreographed movement in and out of the car, and exchanges with the audience that include games like karaoke and conversation. The complete work will be performed in Cambridge in the Fall 2017.

Choreography: Jimena Bermejo in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by: Jordan Jamil Ahmed, Jimena Bermej, Claire Johannes and Audrey MacLean

Music: FM radio; Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Jimena Bermejo is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on movement and performance. She sees her body as a tool to create a dynamic and intimate relationship with an audience. She elicits a combination of physical and emotional engagement in pieces woven from memories, music, social issues, and human relationships.

Recently, Jimena has shown her work at Le Lieu in Quebec, 808 Gallery in Boston, Mobius Gallery, Green Street Studios and The Dance Complex in Cambridge. She has also shown at the ArtBeat and SomDance Festivals in Somerville. Jimena is currently a member of Mobius Artists Group and Caitlin Corbett Dance She holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design's Studio for Interrelated Media and a BFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory and currently, she is faculty at Berklee College of Music, The College of The Holy Cross in Worcester, Boston Arts Academy and The Massachusetts College of Art and Design.