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jimena bermejo--car ride


Saturday, June 3 9:00 PM

Broadway & Fellsway W , Somerville

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Forest”, Wendy Jehlen/ANIKAI Dance

Beginning in darkness, sound builds slowly revealing an initially imperceptible rhythm. Light reveals a form. She is quivering, breaking.  She is enveloped in un-place-able sound. Unfamiliar Butterfly is an extended study of vulnerability.  The dance is an embodiment of constant change, of travel.  The structure of the work is loosely based on the lifecycle of a butterfly, and is intended to change in each rendition. 

Dance choreographed and performed by Wendy Jehlen

Music composed and performed by Shaw Pong Liu

ANIKAYA’s mission is to break down the perceived boundaries between people, cultures and art forms. ANIKAYA weaves together music, dance and storytelling to create works that pull from the full range of the body’s communicative capabilities. We incorporate traditional forms, internalizing them and then allowing them to reemerge as part of a new movement vocabulary. The result is work that is resonant of deep-rooted traditions, without being bound to any particular genre, place or practice. ANIKAYA Artistic Director Wendy Jehlen is a dance artist from Somerville whose work focuses on dance diplomacy and connecting Boston's dance scene to a global network of movement artists. ANIKAYA Dance Theater refers to the transnational network of artists of Wendy and her artistic peers and their collaborative bodies of work.  ANIKAYA has created and performed work in India, Italy, Japan, Mali, Turkey, Burkina Faso, France, India and Brazil.