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Scavenger Treasure Hunt with Buzzroar Interactive

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

Scavenger Treasure Hunt with Buzzroar Interactive

Monday, July 13 12:00 AM


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Scavenger Treasure Hunt with Buzzroar Interactive
July 13-19, around Davis Square

I spy with my little eye... a treasure hunt! Do you enjoy riddles, adventure and an epic game of chance? If the answer is an enthusiastic YES, join us for a super secret scavenger treasure hunt. Buzzroar Interactive will draw clues via chalk drawings; participants are then invited to explore the wilds of Davis Square to find these clues using the official ArtBeat treasure hunt map!

Over 30 gem murals will be painted throughtout Davis Square starting July 13 (see the treasure map for boundary guidelines)
Look for the image on the right on the sidewalks and plazas throughout the neighborhood. Clues will be provided to guide you on your adventure.

Try to find as many of the painted gems as you can, then post your photos of your loot on instsgram or facebook. Be sure to tag your finding with the hashtags -- #ArtBeat2020 #Chance

Go outside, explore the Square, and collect your bounty!

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