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Redirect and Progress

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

Redirect and Progress

Thursday, July 16 6:00 PM


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Lonnie Stanton

Redirect and Progress is a performance crafted in and for an outdoor space, by dance artist Lonnie Stanton.

At highlighted locations dancers explore their surroundings under the lens of one of 3 human experiences: GRIEF, ADAPTABILITY, & HOPE. Each of these human experiences will coincide with a particular spot on the route. Therefore if the audience lingers in one location they will see vignettes of the same theme, or follow for an arc of all three emotions. These 3: grief, adaptability, and hope have become necessary and present in recent months: during the Global pandemic and now additionally, while embracing a long overdue global social justice movement.

July 16th at 6pm
July 18th at 6pm 

Two performances happening at an undisclosed location to be streamed via FB live here: