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By-Chance Concert with Phil Berman

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

By-Chance Concert with Phil Berman

Sunday, July 12 10:30 AM


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Sun., July 12 at 10:30am
Tune in via this performance link

Join us for traditional American children’s music, bilingual world children’s favorites, and original children’s compositions with a twist. LCC Fellowship awardee Phil Berman performs by-chance, interactive virtual children’s concert as part of ArtBeat 2020. Participants at home will roll a standard six-sided die to determine what song will be performed next, and another six-sided die to determine a wild card factor i.e. the instrument, how fast/slow it is performed, an emotion or energy, etc. This will culminate with a flip-your-own-adventure type musical story where children can flip a coin to determine how the story plays out.
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