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Chance for Change

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

Chance for Change

Sunday, July 12 2:00 PM


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Breath by Paula Champagne

Chance for Change is a four-hour pop-up art exhibition you may stumble upon by chance.

What does “chance” mean to you? The Exhibition “Chance for Change” will be showcasing how different artists are using “Chance” as a theme for dialogue and self expression. The show will feature the work of: muralist David Fichter, who collaborated with young artists--Megan Barnes, Xerxes Butt, and Anthony Araujo-Araujo to make Protest Art for the Black Lives Matter movement and for recent protests; photographer Vanessa Leroy (B & W image at right), and our ArtBeat designer, Paula Champagne. Whether it is using creative skill as a statement or as a way to self reflect and process our emotions, chance is interpreted here as a catalyst for change.

Featured Artists:
David Fichter
Megan Barnes
Xerxes Butt
Anthony Araujo-Araujo
Vanessa Leroy
Paula Champagne

Artist Work