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Virtual Caricatures by Alejandro

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

Virtual Caricatures by Alejandro

Friday, July 17 12:00 PM


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Thursday, July 16  from 12-3 pm
Friday, July 17 from 12-3 pm
Saturday, July 18 from 12-3pm

Schedule your virtual caricature session through email:
[email protected]

Alejandro is a top caricature quick-sketch artist based in Boston, MA. Since 2004, he has been seen doing sketches through the greater Boston area, specializing in live traditional and live digital caricatures. He loves his work. This year, for ArtBeat, he wants to share his love of drawing by drawing of caricature of YOU— all from the comfort of your own home through ZOOM. Catch him during the week to see a live demo of his work. Then, make an appointment for yourself and share the fun with friends and family. Suggested donation.

To schedule an online caricature after the ArtBeat festival visit Alejandro's website: