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All We Have Left

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

All We Have Left

Wednesday, July 15 12:00 PM


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All We Have Left by artist Liana Percoco

All We Have Left by artist Liana Percoco is a performance installation activating vacate storefronts in Somerville that wonders how our bodies have adapted expressively during months of social isolation. When allowed to engage publically, how do we now perform what is no longer normal/socially appropriate/safe, but once was? Secured behind glass partitions of storefronts, three performers invite you to observe and engage intimately; distantly.

July 15, 12-12:30 pm: 
July 17, 6-7pm: 
July 18, 11 am - 12:30 pm:   

Please go here for FB live streaming: