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3NITY at Arts at the Armory

ArtBeat 2020 Chance artwork by Paula Champagne

3NITY at Arts at the Armory

Saturday, July 18 8:00 PM


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Join us at Arts for the Armory for this year's big ArtBeat finale!

3NITY means the uniting of 3 cultures based on our roots and influences from Africa, the U.S. and Latin America, and breaking barriers and fighting for the voice of our people. Our music represents who we are as Latinas--women, immigrants, artists, activists and beauty. 3NITY is more than just a band; it is a latin female movement that is working towards amplifying latina voices within a very male-dominated and sexist music industry.

3NITY is the first Latin all-female band in the Boston area; this version of the band will be Zahili Zamora (Piano), Irisley Gómez (Bass) and Zayra Pola (Percussion). 

Video Will be released on July 18th at 8pm via YouTube!
Link for performance: