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Dan Blakeslee

Catherine Aiello, ArtBeat 2016 artist

Dan Blakeslee

Saturday, July 16 1:30 PM

260 Elm St. , Somerville

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Dan Blakeslee

If you've ever walked the streets, subways, music venues, galleries, coffee shops, and parks in Somerville and beyond, you have seen and/or heard the work of Dan Blakeslee. A prolific visual artist and musician, Dan has not only illustrated a plethora of album covers, a beer label series, over 600 rock posters, and an image that raised thousands of dollars for victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy, he also writes and performs country folk songs as Dan Blakeslee while his alter-ego, Dr. Gasp, spirits into Octobers with scary-folk songs for all the ages.

With songs that take listeners on fantastical journeys on a ship of buoyant melodies that keep afloat good wishes in a vast ocean of yearning for home, Dan has graced many stages near and far with his angelic voice and a genuine, enduring spirit. And whether his work is in your ears or in your eyes, he is one of those unique artists who constantly carries his talents like treasures, never leaving one behind, while wearing his fingers to the bone, while wearing his heart on his sleeve.