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Margaret Moody Puppets

Catherine Aiello, ArtBeat 2016 artist

Margaret Moody Puppets

Saturday, July 16 12:00 PM

260 Elm St. , Somerville

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Margaret Moody Puppets

Magaret Moody Puppets“Badger Meets the Fairies” is based on European fairy stories. The puppets and sets were built by visual artist Sandra Pastrana, and Margaret Moody. Alison Plante of Berklee School of Music composed original music for the piece, based on Celtic melodies.

Margaret Moody studied the lively movements of “Chang Chung Hsi” puppetry in Taiwan and likes to bring its acrobatics into all of her hand puppet shows. She performs solo as Margaret Moody Puppets. With Madeleine Beresford, she performs folk and fantasy stories up and down the East Coast as Galapagos Puppets. Margaret lives and works in Arlington, Massachusetts.