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Activities on Traffic Island and Environs

Catherine Aiello, ArtBeat 2016 artist

Activities on Traffic Island and Environs

Saturday, July 16 12:00 AM

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Nibble Culinary Entrepreneurs

Check out the Nibble tent where two of our culinary entrepreneurs will be vending. Here’s your chance to sample addictive Venezuelan arepas and Colombian empanadas. We’ll also have plenty of info abo

ut upcoming Nibble events, Nibble tee-shirts, books and books will be for sale. Plus, pick up a free hot-off-the-press Union Square Market guide.

Open Air Circus 

Somerville’s own Open Air Circus will present stilting, juggling, diabolo (Chinese yoyo) and a whole bag of tricks! 

Giant Root Interactive Art Activity

The purpose of the root system is to collect water and nutrients from the soil and send them up to the leaves and fruits. The roots also anchor the tree, keeping it upright. With this in mind, at this years ArtBeat we aim to map the root structure of Somerville! What keeps the city alive, vibrant, unique? With the basic anchors in place, we will look to the community to add their ideas about roots and share their stories of being rooted in Somerville. Unattached “threads” will be waiting for you to contribute and tie into the main lines.