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Zoe Dance Company

Zoe Dance Company

Saturday, July 19 3:30 PM

55 Davis Square, Somerville

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Zoe Dance Company will be performing: I AM HERE NOW, which is a multimedia and movement portrait of the way we live … now. Through series of distraction in our daily lives, our focus is taken from one stimulus to another until the silence and darkness is no longer there (or very uncomfortable). I AM HERE NOW uses video projection to aid in the performances’ imagery—by using a black scrim placed in front of the ‘performance area’ and projecting live capture video streams, still images, and textures to create a visual and visceral rich environment.  The performance surrounds you as you experience this journey into the breaking point of tolerance.  Merging the two themes of ‘being human’ and ‘being human in this time’, I AM HERE NOW is a self-contained reflection and experience not to be missed.