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Fine Art Superheroes

Fine Art Superheroes

Saturday, July 20 1:00 PM

55 Davis Square, Somerville

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Produced by Basil El Halwagy.

‘Fine Art Superheroes’ embody ideas on the creative process, through costumes inspired by Art Nouveau and Arabesque art. My process is interdisciplinary; I use wearable art to develop characters which I photograph and digitally montage, and I work with performers to create live experiences, integrating visual art with movement.

For ArtBeat 2013, two Fine Art Superheroes will dance intuitively on the theme of “Micro”, throughout the streets and corridors of the festival. “The Untitled Man” and “Electrostar” will incorporate micro movements into their choreography, which help express each character's identity and role in the creative process.

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