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Six One Seven Dance Collective

Six One Seven Dance Collective

Friday, July 19 5:45 PM

4 College Ave., Somerville

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Six One Seven Dance Collective is a modern dance company under the artistic direction of Kendra Heithoff Henseler that aims to challenge audiences to view the dancing body as a catalyst for political, social and spiritual transformation though performance art. The company utilizes the unique artistic backgrounds of its members to create collaborative dance works together. For Artbeat, Six One Seven Dance Collective has created three site-specific, improvisationals dance works that revolve around the theme of MICRO in various, playful forms.

Performance times and location (each piece is around 10 minutes)
Friday 7/19 5:45 PM Statue Park/ near JP Licks
Friday 7/19 6:45 PM along bike path behind Som. Theatre
Friday 7/19 7:45 PM Area in front of main stage/7 Hills Park

Sarah Mosca
Lacey Sasso
Michelle Deane
Colleen Roddy
Courtney Blanch