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Saturday, July 20 2:00 PM

246 Elm St., Somerville

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Porch-i-oke is an alternative sing-a-long where the front porch meets the karaoke lounge. Porch-i-oke's rootsy acoustic line-up -- accordion, violin, banjo, upright bass, and cowbell -- sings and plays some of the best and worst pop tunes of the past 50 years. Audience members get lyrics and hand percussion so they can sing and play along. When the audience joins in with the band, Porch-i-oke's "micro music" adds up to maximum, memorable fun for all ages. Come howl with us!
Porch-i-oke personnel:
Sari Kalin, accordion
Nikki Leon, violin
Robert Knight, banjo
Chuck Gabriel, upright bass
Tara Tresner-Kirsch, cowbell and hand percussion

Check out Porch-i-oke at the Somerville Squeeze Box Slam 2013 here