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Kitsch In Sync

Kitsch In Sync

Saturday, July 20 2:00 PM

255 Elm St., Somerville

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Kitsch in Sync is a committed, familial band of comedians who aim, through the delicate art of short-form improvisation, to induce your spleen to vacate your body. Adam Williams, a veteran of Improv Boston, founded the troupe in 1998 with the principles of group chemistry, group learning, and a welcoming atmosphere. Later, we added the principle "Don't suck."

After several years of wandering shows and rehearsing in squatted college classrooms, Kitsch in Sync found its permanent home at The Castle Bar in Brighton. With few exceptions, we have performed there monthly, usually on the first Friday. No one has died yet.

With a wide age-range (20s to 40s) and an exceptional record of longevity (3 members with over 8 years in the troupe), Kitsch in Sync is quite possibly the best improv troupe to ever perform, in world history, in a Bar in Brighton Village. We think you will have no choice but to agree.