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Jimena Bermejo-Black and Alli Ross

Jimena Bermejo-Black and Alli Ross

Saturday, July 20 3:30 PM

55 Davis Square, Somerville

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Jimena and Alli have collaborated on numerous projects from the classroom to the stage for over 10 years. For Art Beat, we are revisiting "Then, again..." a work premiered in 2006 , reworking "Benatar", a piece we began developing last summer and "and Again" a movement and choreography experiment based on "Then, again...". We will also share "Triptych", a dance film made in collaboration with Mariela Cerda for Dances Made to Order.

We exist. We exit. We love, we exit. We fight to move forward. We move..forward. We listen to the movement of our limbs.  The twisted arteries that wind their way through us, pulsing when we rage, when we stop listening. We stop and listen.