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Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Saturday, July 20 1:00 PM

55 Davis Square, Somerville

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Brian Crabtree has been making dances in the Boston area for fifteen years. One of the distinctive aspects of his evolving work here has been a long time collaboration with Audra Carabetta. They have made several duets and danced together in ensemble work for many years. Mr. Crabtree's dances range from the purely abstract to the plainly emotional. He has made dances using props, from material based on improvisation, text, and photographs. For the festival, he will show four dances,

The first dance is a small excerpt from a larger dance called DALLIANCE,. A duet for two women and apples. Second is a new duet called SHIFTLESS that takes place around and in two chairs, danced to Lou Harrison. Third is a duet for myself, Alison Ball, and two spatulas. The music is Brahms. And last is a duet called MEANS TO AN END, based on an accumulation of small gestures in tandem with larger moving phrases to illustrate what the end of a relationship might feel like.

Audra Carabetta has been making work in the Boston area since 1998. Audra’s creative process involves an exploration of gesture, improvisation and choreographed, technical movement phrases. She will be presenting three works that take the audience on a journey through time, deconstructing space with images that are inspired by everyday life experiences and human interactions. Dancers interweave their existence in time and space, playing with a complex language of movement that is full of irony, reality, emotion and impulse.

Audra will be showing three dances in collaboration with Brian Crabtree. REWIND, a trio danced by Audrey MacLean, Andria LaRocco and Mary McCarthy, set to music by The Books, experiments with recurring themes, spatial patterns and movement sequences that exist within a hallway of light running from upstage to downstage. The second dance, FROM HERE TO THERE, is a solo danced by Andria LaRocco, set to the Music of Jacaszek. In this work the dancer moves in a circular pattern, coiling in on herself until she is left with small gestures that occur within the confines of the space. The third piece, REMNANTS, is a lively, athletic piece danced by six women, whose movements reflect the passing of time and the memories we leave behind.