mitch ryerson

Street Architecture

The Somerville Arts Council and the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development commissioned local artisans to design new streetscape architecture, which included benches, trash barrels, and an information kiosk.

ArtsUnion Street Architecture component provide both functional public ameninates and economic development opportunities for local craftsman, architects, and fabricators. The next time you are in the square please check out this work.

  • aaron binkley

    Aaron's utilized tempered glass, stainless steel fixtures, and "live" oak from the Charleston Shipyard. 

  • Mitch Ryerson

    Mitch Ryerson fabricated these cooper clad benches. 

  • kimo griggs

    Kimo created two benches with intentional horizontal layers. 

  • Lanzl & Manker

    Formed steel footprints of different shapes and sizes are welded to the steel cylinders. 

  • Bevan fabricated this Ripple Run sculpture as part of a temporary sculpture series in 2010.

  • Repaired in 2011 but built in 1999, David collaborated with Charlie, at the time, the owner of Eat restaurant in Union.