Reports and Findings

Since our first year of ArtsUnion work, the Council has conducted intercept surveys and crunched numbers to guage the economic impact of our work on Union Square businesses and local artists.

We've also supported interns, graduate schools, and consultants to examine various aspects of the work.

Please see below the wealth of data and studies developed.

ArtsUnion economic eval 2005.pdf605.97 KB
Artsunion economic eval 2006.pdf1.32 MB
ArtsUnion economic eval 2007 & 08.pdf721.1 KB
Union Square Creative Uses Report final.pdf225.3 KB
Somerville Design Industry Report.pdf728.14 KB
Rezoning Union Square The Arts Perspective.pdf652.04 KB
Union Sq Feasibility Study.pdf5.12 MB
Final Nibble Field Project_lowres.pdf3.94 MB