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Somerville Spook-tacular Stroll

Photos taken by Ron Newman

Somerville Spook-tacular Stroll

Fri., October 30, 11:00am to Sat., October 31, 11:00pm

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Is there something strange in your neighbor--seeing monsters both big and tall? It has been reported by reliable sources that ghosts and ghouls have been mysteriously appearing in the various neighborhoods of Somerville. After documenting these findings into a SSG (Somerville Spector Guide) locator, it has been determined that we need a little help with some ghost-bustering action.  It is widely known that ghosts loose their power when captured on camera. Your mission if you choice to accept it—Find as many ghost, ghouls, and monsters as you can and snap a picture and include the hashtag #SomervilleSpooktacular 

The City of Somerville and Somerville Arts Council is creating a virtual map of Halloween decorations and outside happenings around the city! 

Closer to Halloween date, we will be providing a “Resource List” that will be featuring virtual Halloween workshops and classes that organizations and artists will be providing for Halloween.We will encourage these type of strolls around the city and online activities for kids and adults! To participate, submit your virtual happenings here:

Due to COVID 19 Restrictions and following Somerville’s Safety measures, we are highly discouraging trick-or-treating.