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Help build Somerville's public art map
Help us continue to improve the map of public art in Somerville!
Here’s how you can help:
1.     Discover a piece of public art in Somerville
2.     Take a picture of it or describe it
3.     Learn as much as you can about it (or stories associated with it)
4.     Create a user account here. You will receive a confirmation email (or log in if you already have one)
5.     Submit your information through our online form here (preferred) or send your submission to:
6.     Be sure to check out the ever growing public art map here

What kind of public art will be included in the map? 

All submissions must be permanent installations visible from portions of public property that can be accessed for free.  For example, pieces can be in parks, in libraries, outside private homes visible from the sidewalk, or in parts of city buildings that can be entered without special permission.

Your discoveries might include sculptures, switchboxes, murals, mosaics, interesting stained glass or other things that we haven’t even thought of.

Did somebody else already post a piece that you were planning to submit? 

If you have more information about a public art piece that somebody else has already posted, please email additional information to! We can add your information to that entry.

Want a printable version of what's in your neighborhood?

visit and click on the name of a neighborhood at the top of the page.


This art map was the brainchild of Somerville residents Emily Bhargava and Luisa Beck, who wanted a way to find all of the wonderful art hidden in the city.  The interactive Art Map ( is a platform for Somerville residents to share and view information about the public art across Somerville. Add your own art to the map or add art that you've noticed in your neighborhood. 

Please note that final decisions about what to include in the map and on the Arts Council website will be made by the project coordinators and by the Arts Council.

Questions? Email

Coordinated by Emily Bhargava & Luisa Beck