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Sleeping Beauty by Tanglewood Marionettes

Sleeping Beauty by Tanglewood Marionettes

Wednesday, June 28 6:00 PM

13 Cross Street East, Somerville

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Perhaps you have heard this tale before??... Once upon a dream.

A classic tale that appeals to children of all ages, Sleeping Beauty begins in King Felix’s great hall with the celebration of Princess Aurora’s birth. The party goes awry when the wicked witch arrives and curses Princess Aurora. Will the curse come true? Will someone with a “true heart” appear? You will know when you see Tanglewood Marionettes’ presentation of this best-loved tale. In this retelling, a painted story book opens to reveal each scene. Beautifully hand-crafted marionettes are brought to life by a master puppeteer as the dramatic events unfold. Recommended for ages 4 and up. 

(Raindate: Friday, June 30 at 6pm)