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Reject Dance Theatre, 83paperbirds & inFluxdance

Reject Dance Theatre, 83paperbirds & inFluxdance

Friday, June 27 8:30 PM

406 Highland Ave.
Davis Square, Somerville

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Tonight's performance will feature three collaborating companies.    

Reject Dance Theatre will present Territory Suites, an exploration of three different choreographers' interpretations of what it means to occupy and take up space.  The excerpt presented in this program represents Stephen Ursprung's exploration of bodily territory and gender performance.
Length: 12 minutes
Dancers: Jermaine Ellis, Audrey MacLean, Larissa Ursprung, and Stephen Ursprung
Music by Olafur Arnalds, Nine Inch Nails, and Greg Haines, and The Books

83paperbirds  will present Frame of Reference, a variation on the first work (Table of Contents) created as the Integrated Artists in Residence (I-ARE) at The Dance Complex this year. In this piece, the dancers sift through and untangle deconstructed and reconstructed memories.  They grapple with the malleability of memory and embodiment and permeation of memory in the body. 
Length: 10-15 minutes
Dancers: Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Stephen Tracey-Ursprung, Anna Banjera, and Juliana Utz

inFluxdance will present Justice for Some, an interdisciplinary collaboration that explores the history of protest, as well as the current climate of protest as it pertains to human rights and politics. In this piece inFluxdance presents a unique perspective on the history and future of protest. This dance work challenges the notions of equality, highlights injustices, and explores the implications of solidifying beliefs. 
Length: 30 minutes
Choreographed by Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Alysia Woodruff, Sofia Gorder.  Restaged by Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp. Music Composed by Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper.  Film Artist Erin Mayfield.  Dancers include:  Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Jamie Arnold, Katie McNamara, Ali Kenner Brodsky, Stephanie Turner, Betsy Miller, and Amanda Wright.

Reject Dance Theatre (RDT) is a collective founded by Rebecca Hite Teicheira, Stephanie Simpson and Stephen Ursprung. The mission of RDT is to continuously challenge an audience’s perception of dance; whether it be by exploring the boundaries of one’s physicality, integrating various mediums of visual and dramatic arts, challenging preconceived notions of commercialized dance forms, or delving into the psychology of dance.  We find work most exciting when our bodies become strange to us; when we can look at the human form in a different light and discover new qualities within our moving selves that have previously lain dormant. Currently, RDT is based in New York City and Boston and has performed at Smith College, Connecticut College, the American College Dance Festival, Trinity Repertory Company, the Boston Center for the Arts, Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, the MixMatch Festival in Los Angeles, and at Build on Stilts on Martha's Vineyard.

83paperbirds is a collaborative multi-media dance collective directed by Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp and Crystal Nilsson. Together with the dancers, they navigate the crossroads of collaboration, they explore the intersections of aesthetics and creative processes, and they contemplate the complexity of human relationships. 
inFluxdance is a contemporary dance theatre collective comprised of artists interested in exploring and creating accessible works without boundaries.  By blurring the edges of respected and defined mediums they provoke viewers to think, feel, and respond to the depths of their work. Their driving principles, Interdisciplinary Vision, Collaboration, Accessibility combined with Social Engagement, combine to inspire social change in their communities.