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BIPOC 2022

Dancing my Blues Away, work by Tori Weston

BIPOC 2022

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During the Fall 2020 while Covid was raging and the desire to be reflective about how arts resources reach the community, the Arts Council developed a local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) support initative. 

Since then, we have released $156,000 to the BIPOC community in forms of fellowships and project grants.  

In 2022, we launched a Pop-up series at the Armory Building for local BIPOC artists to help support programming and provide temporary space to that community.   This initiative aims to provide a safe and vibrant space to be led by artists of color. 

We want this space to be used as a way for all of the community to connect with each other through the arts.  The space is intended for artists of all ages and levels to find support and growth -- an encouraging, community- driven space.  This space features new curators and concepts on a rotational basis. 

Please see below some of the outcomes from this support. For more information about this work, reach out to Iaritza Menjivar in our office.