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Bekka Teerlink, Magical Realist Landscapes

Bekka Teerlink, Magical Realist Landscapes

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Artist Statement

When I start to envision a new piece, I don’t want to paint a realistic moment in time. I want to create a scene that exists outside time or space in a dream-world full of bizarre juxtapositions, fantastic elements, and mystery. I want my paintings to be beautiful, but also disconcerting—perhaps even disturbing at times. Whether they depict current problems in the world or issues specific to my own experiences, my paintings are almost always autobiographical and spring from the many reflective moments of the day.

Growing up, I moved frequently between cities, states, and countries--places divided by distance felt close together and related in my mind. This theme has translated into my most recent work where I create cinematic snapshots of a life less ordinary by rearranging geography, people, time, history, memories, and other elements into a magical realist landscape.

As a child, I moved frequently spending time in four different states as well as a year abroad in Jerusalem. My childhood had an eclectic mix of music, art, politics, religion, and cultures. Growing up, I always felt like an outsider in a colorful, but foreign environment. I saw everything objectively, but never had the experience of knowing a place well. This gave me the ability to be comfortable wherever I am, but never completely at home-- except when building my own imaginary worlds out of pieces of places I have passed through.

Art has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I started drawing and painting at an early age, but originally wanted to be a filmmaker. So, I moved to Los Angeles to go to film school. Not long after, I spent several years working in visual effects industry before realizing I preferred the freedom and simplicity of painting. However, those moments proved to be quite invaluable to my work. Film not only changed my perspective; it expanded my creative viewpoint by informing me how to engage in my process and conceptualize my paintings. Through this edification, I have utilized many different mechanisms to create each piece.  In addition to traditional sketches and painting studies, photographs, video, Photoshop and other digital tools play an equal part in evolution and preparation of my paintings. 

I currently work out of my studio space at Vernon Street Studios in Somerville, MA.
I can frequently be seen exploring nearby forests, fields, towns and urban areas by bicycle
loaded with paints, pencils, and cameras. 

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About the Inside-Out Gallery

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