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Creative Arts Space Survey


Creative Arts Space Survey

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Calling all artists and creative organizations in Somerville! What spaces do you use to produce or present your creative work? How can your local government help these spaces thrive in the face or risks to redevelopment? Please share your voice with us! 

The Somerville Arts Council, the City of Somerville, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) are conducting two surveys to find out if artists and creative organizations have stable access to arts spaces. Artists and creatives who live or work in Somerville may take either or both the survey for individuals or organizations.  

Each survey will take 5-9 minutes to complete. We’ll use the results to identify the risks that arts spaces face, to inform public policy and establish programs to help preserve and develop arts spaces for individual artists and creative organizations in Somerville. 

Please complete either or both surveys by May 24th!

Survey for individual artists or creative practitioners (anonymous)  

Survey for owners, operators, or managers of arts organizations or creative businesses (identifiable):

For the past five months, the Arts Council and MAPC have been working with a Cultural Space Task Force comprised of artists, City planners, one City Councilor, banker, and others, to review risks and opportunities related to the City’s recent comprehensive zoning changes.  

The work of this task force will inform MAPC to develop an arts space assessment strategy that explores how municipal policies affect the sustainable operations of spaces where artists produce and disseminate their work.

The final report will contain an analysis of existing policies and programs and will recommend actions that the City and partners can take to strengthen and grow facilities for production and dissemination of arts and culture in Somerville, leading to a thriving arts and cultural life for all.

For more information please go to the MAPC project site.