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CouchFest aka PorchFest

CouchFest graphic by Heather Balchunas

CouchFest aka PorchFest

Sat., May 9, 12:00pm to 6:00pm

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Given the Covid-19 crisis Porchfest in its traditional manner will not take place, but we would like to continue with Porchfest but do this virtually, CouchFest!

This year we want bands or individuals to post either prerecorded live videos or plan to do a Facebook Live performance on May 9th. 

If you have registered before, you'll remember there is specific directions in the registration process.  This year we requesting you to determine if you can do a Facebook Live, Premiere performance, (If you have the resources, we encourage you to get your band together virtually. There have been some great examples. Check out this video by the great local outfit, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band  Or post an old live video.

Bands/individuals will still perform on the 9th during the time slot assigned to their zone (just like prior events) but should put in the specific time of your live event.  Our zones and time periods are:  West of Willow Ave is "west" and will occur b/w 12 to 2  p.m.;  the area between Willow Ave. and Central St is Central zone and will occur b/w 2 to 4 p.m; and the area east of Central St is the East zone and will occur from 4-6 p.m. Thanks again for participating.   Again, put in a specific time for your live event so folks know when to watch.

Registration will now remain open until May 7th. --see below.   

See the PorchFest map/bands performing here   We will be converting over to a more static page on the day of the event.

And remember the registration process remains: 

1. For this year, we antcipate only individuals or co-habiting members will be performing in their homes.  (Remember we do not 'match make';  and realize your posting will not appear if you don't have an address).

2. You should still discuss with your neighbors and/or your landlord.  We do not recommend full amplified performance in your home.   You as the host are responsible for positive outreach about your desire to perform, not the Arts Council. 

3.  Come back to this site with content to register (have address, description of band, banner image, mp3s, web links)   Please do not register unless you have a location secured and specific address.  If you only wish to promote your Somerville band, go to our Creators page and create a profile.  Porchfest page is only to post if you are performing during the event and have a location. 

4.  The registration process is two parts.  First, you will need to create a username.  If you don't have one, create one at the bottom of our site--i.e. "Login".  But if you registered last year, please use your existing "user name" to log in to our site.   If you've forgotten this or your password, try to retrieve using email address you had last year.   Second, once you've logged in you can then go and Register Porchfest here.   You can also edit your page. Login and go to your page, hit the edit tab up top, then save at bottom.

5.  Your registration is moderated by the Council, it might take some time to confirm and edit time/zone.   Please do NOT make multiple pages.  Write down your URL that way you can come back to the page (you must login) you are creating/editing.  Also, remember your posting/page will NOT appear on the map unless you have an address.   Your posting will appear on the 2020 map.  

Special Thanks to Kirk Isreal and Moses Blumenstiel for their combined web work on Porchfest. 

In 2011, the Council created a decentralized music festival--Porchfest.  Perhaps you’ve sat on your porch and overheard a neighbor strumming guitar on another porch?  Porchfest takes this idea and multiplies it. This is not a festival per se but rather a community event where Somervillians share their love of playing and listening to music.  Think of Somerville Open Studios, which is for visual artists, but for music.