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Art & Dream Space

Art & Dream Space

Sat., May 7, 3:30pm

16 Union Square, Somerville

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There’s a lot of shame associated with art-making, because our culture teaches us to hide our self-expression. Establishing a trusting space by reflecting on our dreams, commitments, and purpose starts to clear away some of the biggest blocks to creativity and art-making.

The intention for this space is to connect with one another, validate, listen, and affirm each other’s dreams and purposes. The hope is to co-create a space together of affirmation and grounding so that we can carry this spaciousness with us into our art-making, and even after our gathering to the other people and places we interact with.

We'll also share our unique insights, and discuss the practice of artist-as-cultural-worker rather than artist-as-technical-producer, the importance of the concept of lineage to art-making, and things that allow us the slowness for spacious dreaming and spacious creating. Then we'll get into some quick warmups with charcoal, acrylic or pencil to loosen up our hands. The last 60-90 minutes will be open-ended creative time to paint, draw, ask questions, play music, continue discussion, eat snacks, etc. in an affirming collective-minded space!

This space welcomes all identities, including those who are historically marginalized.
THIS IS NOT A DROP-IN EVENT. There is a planned agenda. You'll have more fun if you're on time  :)
Contact the organizer, Hayley, with any questions at