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COVID Relief Grant for Individual Artists

Asia Kepka, Somerville Covid Photo Project

COVID Relief Grant for Individual Artists

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The Somerville Arts Council (SAC) is launching the COVID Relief Grant for Individual Artists which will provide financial assistance to Somerville individual artists (of all genres) facing dire economic circumstances brought on by the COVID crisis. These funds are intended to help local artists who add value to Somerville’s economy and the creative life of our community. ​

We anticipate providing one-time Covid Relief grants of between $2,000 and $4,000, depending upon need and number of applicants.  We will release approximately $200,000 through this new grant category.   

The deadline to submit is Monday, November 23rd at 11:59 p.m.

To apply fill out this Google Form here.

This specific grant program is the final "three-peat" grant category that has supported Somerville's arts and cultural community.   In September we released grant programs to support Somerville organizations and our BIPOC community.  These two categories provided approximately $400,000 to those communities. 

This fall approximately $600,000 will have been released to the Somerville arts and cultural community to support them during this Covid era.    

* Also be aware of our LCC grant opportunity which has a deadline of Nov. 16th.   This grant, with approximately $75,000 to release will support artists and organizations in 2021.   You can apply to both our Covid grants and LCC grants.  More info here.

First, review questions and needed answers! This application does ask about your financial need.  You will not be able to save your application part way through, exit, and return. It is a one time submission only.   You may want to complete in word processing software first, then return to the application.