Jennifer Weigel

Jennifer Weigel is a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, costume, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance and video. Much of her work touches on themes of beauty, identity (especially as it pertains to gender identity), memory & forgetting, and institutional critique. Feel free to check out more of Weigel's work on her websites here:

Painting & Photography


Joetta Maue

Joetta Maue is an artist, curator, and arts writer. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries and images exploring the conflicts and contradictions that exist within intimacy and the domestic space. Joetta’s work resides within the realm of the everyday, everyday objects, autobiography, and the female. She is especially interested in the role of personal relationships in our lives, seen in our most intimate moments and spaces.

I have worked in promotions in the wonderful world of publishing ever since interning at Alice James Books as a college student. I attempt to fill my time with the things I love: music, writing, visual arts, and bringing people together (even though I am quite shy).

Exhibit: The BIG BAD at the Nave Gallery.
The submission deadline is August 25, 2012.
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