Hartigan, Timothy james

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Hail Hail Rock and Roll

I'm mainly a blues rock improvisational guitarist. I also play harmonica, bass, and sing. It's all about having fun and expressing one's self.

Raven, Alex & Rachel

Raven Blues

Amy Kucharik

Amy Kucharik is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and DJ from Somerville, MA. Amy writes and performs songs on ukulele, and has been featured as a vocalist with several local and national musicians. Her influences include Bessie Smith and the Asylum Street Spankers, and her vocals have been compared to Lena Horne. Her song "Dance Crush Blues" has been DJed at blues dance events across the country and as far away as Israel.

Miller's English

Miller’s English delivers, cranked up or pared down, bending genre norms and finding receptive ears everywhere with their engaging musical repertoire. This Boston band creates music that hits the listener regardless of volume and reflects the group’s history, speaking to the members’ musicianship and superb songwriting abilities.


Nemes is an unquestionably unique 5 piece rock/folk band from Worcester, Massachusetts. Led by duel frontmen Dave Anthony (Guitar/Vocals) and Josh Knowles (Violin/Vocals), the band brings what Worcester Magazine calls “a nuclear power plant's worth of energy” to any venue they enter. Energy isn't the only thing Nemes is focused on though. The band's songwriting, involving memorable lyrics and catchy hooks, will always be at the forefront, followed by a wide array of top-notch musicianship.

Big Blue World

This roots based band from Boston, MA combines 3-part harmonies layered over rock and world beat grooves and has developed a unique sound that moves smoothly from original reggae and psychedelic rock to West African, Cuban, funk and blues. The band is made up of Conor O'Brien on guitars and lead vocals, Chris Chitouras on guitars and vocals, Keith Kirkpatrick on bass and vocals and Frank Laurino on drums and percussion.

Peter Lindholm, Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter for The Fort Point Ramblers and Ticket To Nashville

Peter Lindholm moved to Somerville from Cambridge in 2010. He has over 30 years experience performing, writing, and recording music of many different genres. His current focus is bluegrass and Americana. Peter's current musical projects include The Fort Point Ramblers ( and Buddha Action Figure.

The Millenial Muse

I've been playing guitar for about 10 years in the blues and rock genres. I have a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Arts Administration at Boston University. I play in a bluesy rock band called Hevy Sol where I am the main songwriter, singer, lead guitarist, manager, and booking agent. I have also been known to do the occasional acoustic singer/songwriter performance.

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