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Somerville, Massachusetts

Bill, Dave and John Powers

Presenting the song writers Bill, Dave & John Powers, a songwriting team with a large, diverse repertoire of original songs available for recording artists or producers looking for material. Bill, Dave & John have been "back burner" songwriters, spending the bulk of their time recording and performing in various bands and performance situations. Having written hundreds of songs for years, they have recently decided to show their songs to the public.

The Rolling Who

The Rolling Who is a Boston-based cover band that draws a lot of its material from the 1960s British Invasions as well as pop and rock hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Members include:

Jerry Powers - lead vocals and bass
Mike DeBoer - rhythm guitar and vocals
Bob Sargent - drums
Jeff Baker - keyboards and harmonica
John Doucet - lead guitar and backing vocals

Fantastic Liars

...and when we came to, we didn't know who we were , or how we wound up in the middle of the desert, surrounded by guitars, drums, and a thousand dying vampires, we were just happy to be alive. But when we hopped into that crimson minivan of freedom to make our escape, we knew we had to tell our story, so we vowed to form the greatest band ever, we are, Fantastic Liars.

Malone, John

Somerville, Massachusetts

The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars

The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars are five guys who grew up and currently live in the same Boston suburb that provides the backdrop for many of their songs. Their music conveys both their desire to escape the suburban complacency they see all around them and their belief that everyone should be able to proclaim themselves as the type of person that they believe themselves to be.

Miller's English

Miller’s English delivers, cranked up or pared down, bending genre norms and finding receptive ears everywhere with their engaging musical repertoire. This Boston band creates music that hits the listener regardless of volume and reflects the group’s history, speaking to the members’ musicianship and superb songwriting abilities.

The Elmo Kickers

A band created for the purposes of Somerville Porchfest.

Carroll, Jeremy

I Thought They Were Models?

Formerly known as "These Guys Are Models?" and before that known as "These Guys Are Definitely Models!" (consisting of a completely different line-up of members who were actually good looking), the current incarnation known as "I Thought They Were Models?" blends rock music with foolish humor, and a pinch of pop culture sprinkled on top. At any point point during the show you may hear anything from the ITTWM self-titled anthem, to a Muppet's rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," and if you're lucky enough you may even see a man who has no business tap-dancing...tap-dancing.


For porchfest: A limited selection of mostly old jazz standards on tenor sax with piano.


Since 2003, Comanchero has crafted an Americana sound that combines old traditions with new, Country with Rock, Bluegrass with Blues, Honky Tonk with Funk, and Roots with Rockabilly. While unique in their own sound, there is something strikingly familiar in Comanchero’s songs that weave influences ranging from Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Little Feat, to today’s contemporaries such as CAKE, Wilco, and Mumford & Sons.

Gudas, Christopher

Chris Gudas

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